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feminist/good advice pones

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All 11 of the Studio Ghibli embroidery hoops I’ve made over the years.
Hard to choose a favorite but they sure look nice all together.  Always taking custom orders for hoops. <3 :)


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By @westknits “We are welcomed and prepared for Loops in Tulsa. #stephenandsteven #tour2014 #tornadoready #champagne #yarn #chocolate #necessities” via @PhotoRepost_app.

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Adorable Crocheted Game of Thrones characters!

Source: Luna’s Crafts on deviantart

I’ve reblogged some of these, but here’s the whole set! It’s fantastic!

(Source: coiaf)

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possibly unpopular knitting opinion


I don’t like the magic loop knitting method. Its cumbersome and annoying to me…

It feels more awkward to me to use that method rather than knitting in the round. I’d rather just use dpns for things…

I don’t like magic loop either; I much prefer DPNs and use them whenever I can.  (I lurve socks on DPNs!)  But there are times when I’m trying to knit something too big for the DPNs I have and too small for just plain knitting in the round on a circular, and I find myself forced to endure the magic loop.

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Step 324: If someone calls you out for saying something shitty …


Just own up to it. Seriously. Don’t freak out, don’t spend time trying to justify whatever you just said. And, HINT: the more of an urge you feel to justify what you just said, the greater the chance that it was indeed very shitty and this is your way of coping with your own shame.

Say, “Wow, you’re right. I’m really sorry, and thank you for letting me know that.” Then, don’t say that shitty thing again.